Comquip Equipment Sales, Toronto

Refunds/Returns, Warranty, Customer Satisfaction...
We greatly value all customers and wish every purchase works out to be a success!
However we live in the real world and realize there may be some hiccups, so how are they handled, or more importantly - prevented in the first place?
Mission statement, customer satisfaction, warranty and returns:

Mission statement
Our aim is to supply good equipment to satisfied buyers. It pleases us to see repeat customers time and again obtaining needed machinery, parts and other supplies to assist in their construction businesses, machinery for personal use around their property and so forth, over the years.
In keeping with this goal, please assist us by doing your part and understanding the following, before you make your purchase.
A look at this site makes it evident that we sell a mix of both new and used items. In general the new items are new stock and for the most part are warranted by the manufacturer. (In some cases the unused item may be old inventory and hence not come with any manufacturer’s warranty, clear-outs and such.) When it comes to the used items we can readily say that we do all we can to resell such in a good working condition, for the most part, unless identified otherwise. (If something is not in usable condition in our estimation, we will usually draw attention to that opinion in our description, when we have observed such is the case.)  
Depending on the type of item you are purchasing there may be slight differences regarding warranty: for instance new tires come with a manufacturer’s warranty that strictly warrants against factory defects in production. Our used skid steers and mini-excavators come with no warranty whatsoever, which is industry standard – to our knowledge you will find no used equipment coming with any warranty whether sold by private owner or even OEM-brand factory dealers. We are the same in that regard. Some exceptions in our own policy with regard to guarantees or warranties would be such things as used parts – notably used hydraulic components, used engines, and the like. Those specific extremely-limited warranties are noted in their respective departments, on their specific pages dealing with that type of item, as you will observe as you peruse the various pages of this site in its various sections. But otherwise, unless specifically stated there is no warranty from us for any item that is sold by us, posted on this site or found at one of our locations, period.

Sales are final, no returns
All sales are final. Strictly. Under no circumstances, under any situation across the board on any item no matter how great or little the cost will we consider any kind of return of the item, or post-purchase credit, rebate, refund or otherwise. This is for any reason including an error in posting detail we may have inadvertently made on the site, in conversation or otherwise. It is important to understand this fact. We therefore strongly urge all buyers to do any and all research, fact checking, ensuring of fitment and suitability and the like before making any purchase from us. (Definition of “making the purchase”: This occurs either at the point of payment in full, initial deposit, point of the sales contract being signed, on pick up of the item, shipping out of the item, or delivery of it, in our view constitutes the making of “the purchase” and is then at that point the point of no return, no cancelling, no refund – whichever of those events occurs first.) 
Special note when it comes to purchase of used machines (skid steers, mini-excavators, and the like): as much as we pride ourselves in selling good quality, job-ready equipment, and will often designate items as such (ie “ready to work today”), do not misconstrue that as any guarantee that such is the case; with used machinery and the limitations of shop time and budget on any given piece, our own potential for overlooking some item, the potential that some issue only recently or even after the fact becomes evident or a problem, it is very possible something we deem ready for work may in fact not necessarily be, at least not so in everyone’s estimation. This is not intentional on our part, but can and does sometimes happen. Therefore we are stating here clearly the age-old adage of buyer-beware when it comes to used machinery, cars, trucks, etc, and to do ones’ own due diligence when deciding to purchase.  This should go without saying, that the onus is on the buyer to be as careful as possible when purchasing, especially used, and including from us!  Look every aspect of the machinery over well before committing to the purchase (ie “making the purchase” as described just above). We can’t stress this too much. We encourage you to take your time, look it over well, test it out, bring along an experienced friend or mechanic, see if we can allow you to test it out in the field on a limited rental basis, or something else. Be sure of your purchase, because when made, it is yours. Bear in mind as well that some of our items are sold in varying conditions of work-worthiness (see Equipment Designations page for greater detail) and in fact some are meant to be mechanic’s specials, project machines, parting-out units, etc.) and it is important to note that we may have had the machine in our shop or possession a lengthy period of time for extensive repairs, or a very short time and nearly nothing done to it. In many cases the machines are not ours but rather are consignment units still owned by others. Our ability to do a lot to improve or check over or stress and jobsite test a unit may be fairly restricted or limited. As well errors in descriptions, specifications and other details can occur – any information provided by us is meant to be only a helpful guide, a start in your exploring and investigation of the machine itself, the models’ specifications, etc, but we will not be held responsible for any misinformation of any sort with regard to the equipment.

We consider our responsibilities towards the unit and the buyer to be terminated upon the point when the item is paid for, picked up, shipped, or delivered, whichever the case may be and whichever comes first. Our involvement in it beyond that point would strictly be voluntarily and as we are able, generally in an advisory role at most.

Again it is our hope that you have many years use of the equipment and we look forward to seeing you again next time you need something else.