Comquip is pleased to serve our customers with quality attachments
 from the following renowned North American manufacturers:
Martatch Attachments
QuickAttach Attachments
*Regarding models list: we have striven to list the models we believe to be compatible with this part/attachment to the best of our knowledge, but advise as with all parts we sell that the onus is on the purchaser to ensure the part is the correct one for their particular machine and application.  
As well, it is likely that this list is not all inclusive, there may be other models that also should be compatible and on the list.
**Regarding condition: besides the obvious initial identification of new or used or demo/take-off, etc, we have offered a further subjective description of its condition based on our observations; take them as you will, as intended - to be some helpful advice, but do inspect your part/attachment thoroughly before purchasing. Unless otherwise stated all are sound and should be fully functioning/usable as far as we can tell.
***Regarding dealer new pricing: amount listed is based on research and/or recent quote offered by a factory dealer representative / parts department, and is subject to change.
Our prices are firm, are plus HST and if shipping is required, plus shipping costs (incl insurance - mandatory) and handling (packaging mainly - building boxes etc) If we have more than 1 unit in stock when posting this item we will generally list the lowest priced item, and the pictures shown may be of that item or representative, showing one of the several we have/had in stock at the time.
All specifications noted are in Imperial Units (inches), not metric (cm) unless otherwise specifically stated.
Attachment Accessories & Wear parts
Bucket teeth, toothbars, auger bits, hydraulic breaker bits, sweeper bristles, fork tines, mounting plates etc.
(for actual attachment-specific / internal parts, see "Other Parts" section below)
Bobcat concrete breaker bits / tools
New and used bits 
Chisels, points, conical and blunt

Make: Bobcat
To fit - models: 2650, 5500, B700 B850 HB680, etc, others too possibly

Compare with dealer new***: approx $350-450 ea
ID:                                       Our price: used from $150 ea, new from $200 ea
Auger bits
New and used bits 

Make: Bobcat
To fit - models: 2

Compare with dealer new***: approx $350-450 ea
ID:                                       Our price: used from $150 ea, new from $200 ea
With just 2 bolts, in 5 minutes turns a smooth-edged standard bucket into an aggressive excavating toothbucket.
Cheaper than buying 2 buckets, and a lot less space on the truck or trailer than transporting 2 buckets everywhere.

Size (width): various: 36-74" (stock changes regularly)
Currently in stock: 4 used: 42", 60", 66", 72"
Measure the width of your bucket on the inside, along the cutting edge from corner to corner.  Be exact, get the measurement in inches and call us.​
Condition: other than surface rust, functionally as good as new.  Little wear, no breaks, straight, and teeth in good shape

Compare with dealer new***: $550-1000+ ea
Our price, used: approximately 35-40% of dealer new, so $275-500
Comquip Equipment Sales, Toronto

OTHER skid steer attachments
- all are universal quick attach (unless otherwise noted), will work on every make/model
- stock changes frequently - we strive to keep this website up to date with new postings
- sweepers, augers, concrete breakers, grapple buckets, specialty attachments, and more
Carton Master lift truck attachment
Recent take off from a forklift.  Attaches to lift truck and connects to hydraulics for warehouse box handling needs

Make: Carton Master
Model number: 562592 / C2G-A8G
Lift capacity: 2000 lbs (at 24")  Attachment weight: 1470 lbs

Description: box clamp attachment
Condition**: was working well at time of removal. Customer no longer needed it, and may not pass certification as is.  In good condition, complete and ready for installation and work
Compare with dealer new***: $
ID: 2009                                                                              Our price: $400
Backhoe attachment hooks - for locking
These mount by bolting on directly to loader, these are the hooks that the latch on the attachment uses to lock on to the loader to prevent any pinching movement, for operator safety

Make: Bobcat
Part number: 6538553 6587608 7101399 6538673, others...right and left
 - various parts for different models many are interchangeable however
To fit - models: see backhoe attachment listing above for full list

Compare with dealer new***: approx $1000 per pair
Qty: 3 or 4 pairs of 2 currently           Our price: used, from $350-550 per pair
Auger extensions and adapters
New and used bits 

Make: Bobcat
To fit - models: 2

Compare with dealer new***: approx $350-450 ea
ID:                                       Our price: used from $150 ea, new from $200 ea
Bobcat backhoe attachment
Turns your skid steer or track loader into an excavator, great for footings, utility trenches, planting trees and more

Make: Bobcat
Models number: 709
Maximum dig depth: 9 1/2 feet
Weight: 1500 lbs

Condition**: both in very good mechanical condition, decent appearance, need nothing. Lines and cylinders all good 7/10
Options: available w straight drop down stabilizers, or fold-out style

Compatibility: Made specifically to work with Bobcat-made skid steer loaders, but will work on other makes as well (have observed this model on Case, Thomas and others).  Will NOT fit Bobcat M-series line.
For all C, F, G and K series Bobcat models: eg 743 751 753 843 853 863 873; S130 S150 S160 S175 S185 S205 S220 S250 S300 S330 A220 A300
T180 T190 T200 T250 T300 T320
Requirements: universal quick attach coupler (bobtach), auxiliary hydraulics with flush-faced quick connect fittings (regular flow, not high-flow required), and Bobcat's backhoe latching hooks (remains bolted on skid steer's frame) for safety, though not technically a requirement but a very good idea - see some listed below, sold separately 

Compare with dealer new***: $15,000
ID: 1099, 1100                                                    Our price: $4800, $5600
please bear with us - this section is undergoing improvement.  Above is good and current, but from this point down we are still at work.... should be back to normal in days....check back soon
Attachment parts
Various internal parts and components - not including work/wear parts - bits, teeth etc, those listed above
Bobcat snowblower attachment part: auger
Main auger-shaped drum for drawing snow into the snowblower unit, for SB200, 72" size

Make: Bobcat
Part number: 7328405
To fit - models: SB200 - 72
Condition: new take-off, almost unused; has slight bend in middle, easily fixed - straighten bend and it is basically new.  Includes bearing  9/10

Compare with dealer new***: ?
Qty: 1                                                                                      Our price: $125