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Comquip Equipment Sales, Toronto

Used Machines
Used skid steers, track loaders, mini-excavators, backhoes, more...
Consignment sales, everyday currently working machines, ready for your jobsite
All pictures shown are recently taken of actual units; check back regularly as inventory changes frequently
Specs and details are researched and reported as accurately as possible and to the best of our knowledge
All prices listed are firm sale prices.  For any lower offers to be considered the machine needs to be seen first in person by the buyer, any negotiation to take place subsequently.  Please note that even then most have very little room for any potential discounting; we are confident that our prices are accurate to current local and global market conditions.
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Customer self pick up 

Normally purchasers local and those in southern Ontario to Quebec (typically from within about a 5 hour drive, each way) will come with their own pick-up truck and trailer in tow to float their machine back themselves upon purchase.
To a limited degree we may sometimes be able offer local delivery to customers who are unable to take them machine themselves, in the local Toronto-GTA area (within approx a 1 hour distance), for fee.  
Other options may exist - such as a 3rd party, a float service, tilt-tow truck etc.  Ask, we may be able to help find one and with arrangements.

Tow it away yourself - typical and preferable

       Yes, we can deliver - locally          Or possibly help arrange for shipping

Procurement options                                   for Used Machines
No Warranty
All Sales Final 
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From the sample pictures below
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Full Size Skid Steers
Powerful 5 and 6 foot wide loaders, contractor-ready units, all gone over by the shop and ready for your jobsite
20+ used machines ready to go -
for all budgets, from $10,000 to $85,000 
​ now, from about $15,000 
available in 1 ton to 5 ton sizes, a necessary machine on almost any jobsite.  Browse what we have to offer today...
Track Loaders
compact track loaders (CTLs) are great for all terrains and tough jobsite conditions.  Spend a bit more for these benefits...
 typically from about $28,000
Mini-skid steers
called many by names: walk behinds, ride-ons, stand-ons, available with tires or tracks.  Good for a 1-person contractor
Compact Skid Steers
Small size loaders for tight access sites and applications:  3 and 4 foot wide units; for landscapers, livestock stalls, backfilling
other machines - backhoe loaders, compactors, large excavators, telehandlers, etc, from time to time we may have some
​ usually from about $13,000 
​ usually from about $10,000 to $14,000 
 typically from about $20,000
 typically from about $20,000
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