Comquip Equipment Sales, Toronto

Parts Department - Makes other than Bobcat
The bulk of our parts supply currently is Bobcat brand, but we do also have a limited supply of parts from a number of other manufacturers...maybe we have something you need.  Please look up based on part number

- Case - skid steer - limited quantities
- Kubota - mini-excavator - limited quantities
- JCB - mini-excavator - limited quantities, skid steer - used parts, limited quantities
- Thomas - skid steer - used parts - limited quantities
- Hitachi (mini-excavators), John Deere (skid steer), Caterpillar (skid steer) - very limited quantities
Case, Cat, and other
We have a small supply of parts for other makes including JCB, Kubota, Hitachi, Deere, etc - listed here; pictures or part no.
Meantime, if you don't see the part you are looking for listed here, there is an outside chance we may have it and its just not on our list - especially if it is of one of the above noted makes.  After Bobcat our next biggest parts inventory (skid steer) is Case, then to lesser degree Thomas Kubota, then the others...won't hurt to send us a quick email with a quick description of what you are looking for.  Perhaps we can help.  We do have a lot of industry connections and might be able to point you the right way.  Try to include as much info as you can - your machine's year, make, model and serial number and part number if possible (visit the manufacturer's parts section on their website)
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This is a big project being worked on and will take some time yet.  
We hope to have this section up and running a at least partly complete by summer 2021
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Sorry, this page is for future usage.  We do have stock of this category.   Items will be added here in time.  Meantime if there is something you are looking for, send us a message, we may just have it.