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Used skid steer tires - loose tires
This page contains a representative sampling of pictures of the types of tires we normally have in stock.
Our inventory of used skid steer tires changes quite frequently and it would not be possible to constantly provide actual pictures of the tires physically in inventory at any given point.  We do however keep our pricing consistent and so you can see by the condition and quality of tires displayed here and their corresponding pricing, an accurate representation of what you will find when you come to visit us, typically.  We do try to keep the quantities listed accurate however.  Best to call first to double check just to be sure though.

We basically categorize the used tires into 3 price classes:
1) the cheapest (ie $15 for your 10-16.5 tires) which are still functional, will hold air and provide some use, but are on their last legs, not a lot of tread life left.  Many people have a use for even such tires.

2) the middle category is really the minimum most people want in a used tire.  Still much life left, and for a fraction of the price of new there may be close to 50% tread depth left. 

3) the most expensive category is for tires that are the hardest to come by - and everybody wants them. These will be 60-75% of tread left and many good years of service to be had.  Get them when they are in! They do not ever last long.

These are generally sold as singles, by the ones and twos.  Occasionally we get a matching set of 4 in, but not often.  Mix and match, it really doesn't matter with a skid steer, its not like a car.
Used tires on rims
Need a spare tire, or set of 4, used, already on rims, ready to go?  We have them here
1) $15 category
And then once in a while we get a tire or two in for sale that is what we call "exceptional" - it's not really used at all, or if so, barely.  It might be a take off, barely even having gotten dirty.  These are priced individually based on condition, and so forth.  
Call or come in to see what we have.
Our used tires are sold as-is, with no warranty, and are cash and carry - you'll need to get them installed elsewhere and if needed also do a patch or other repair (assume a good chance that will be the case as they are used).  Look over your selected tires well before purchasing - we do no accept returns, exchanges or refunds.  All sales are final.
A small extra savings is to be had buying used, in that there is no OTS fee ("tire tax" or disposal fee) on used tires, only to new (ALL new tires sold in Ontario get this OTS fee)
Used skid steer tires are hard to find - and ones in good condition with lots of tread left even harder. Our prices on used tires are fair, please don't ask for or expect discounting - prices are firm, not negotiable. 
Low-to-no tread used bobcat tires

Will get you through in a pinch. 
End of the season?  Selling a machine? 
At $15 or $20 they are almost free.

10 X 16.5....$15 ea..current stock: 3
12 X 16.5....$20 ea..current stock: 3

also some in other sizes: 
14 x 17.5
23-8.50 x 12
5.70 x 12
28-8.50 x 15
....current stock:  yes, call
2) $45 category
Abt 50% tread used skid steer tires

Plenty of life left in them to make installing them worthwhile.  Maybe good for a year's use, maybe longer?  Buy 4 for less than the price of 1 new one.

10 X 16.5.......$45 ea typically......current stock: 4
12 X 16.5.......$50 ea typically......current stock: 1

also some in other sizes:
14 x 17.5
23-8.50 x 12
5.70 x 12
28-8.50 x 15
.....current stock:  yes, call
60% and better category

These are good tires, the ones everyone wants, with 60-75% of tread and still at well less than half price.  Get them as soon as they come in.

10 X 16.5..$75 ea typically...current stock: 1
12 X 16.5..$80 ea typically....current stock: 0

also some in other sizes:
14 x 17.5
23-8.50 x 12
5.70 x 12
28-8.50 x 15
.....current stock:  yes, call
3) $75 category
Matching sets of 4
10 x 16.5     set of 4
Bossman Grip II
Non-directional - L4 - heavy duty
Ideal for pavers, hardscapers
Lots of tread depth left - deep rubber still
Not a lot of groove (void between lugs), won't be great in dirt for traction, but great on hard surfaces - will last a long time. Holding air
Very expensive new - abt $275 per tire+

$150 for all 4                                            ID: 1999
12 x 16.5     set of 4
Traditional directional style tread
Good all-around tire for landscaping, construction, snow, farm or personal use
Plenty of tread and good traction left
Decent depth, should last a long time yet.
No holes, will hold air
​For full-size 6-foot wide skid steers

$175 for all 4                                            ID: