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​Find all your tire and rim needs by selecting one of the main 6 sections from below:
NEW TIRES - new skid steer tires, sold by ones or sets of 4, or sets of 4 on rims
USED TIRES - used skid steer tires, buy 1 or as many as wanted, some are matching sets of 4, or sets of 4 on rims
​SPARES - tires on rims mounted, inflated and ready to go; sold by ones and twos, available new or used
NO-FLATS / SOLIDS - used, sold always as sets of 4 - naturally always on rims; foam-filled, or solid rubber
RIMS - wide variety of new and used skid steer rims, popular sizes and hard to find
TRACKS - track loader replacement rubber tracks, mini-excavator rubber tracks, skid steer over-the-tire tracks, new and used
skid steer tires
- just tires - sold by 1's or more
- on rims - new tires on new rims
skid steer tires on rims
- sold by 1's and 2's, or more
- on rims, inflated & ready to go
 - new or used available
- eliminate downtime!
- every machine should have a spare ready to go, on site
skid steer rims
- new, used and demo
- all the common sizes
- rare and hard-to-find, used
loader & mini-excavator
- used, new-discount, new
- rubber tracks for track loaders
- rubber tracks for mini-ex's
- skid steer over-the-tire-tracks
Best selection - at least 10 different tire models to choose from in stock, from numerous quality manufacturers.  Best price.  Service - need them installed?  We do that too.
skid steer tires
buy loose used tires (no rims):
- various quality, buy 1 or more
- some are in matching sets of 4
buy used tires ON rims:
- sold in matching sets of 4
- for 1's and 2's, see "Spares"
      100's of used tires in stock - all sizes             Used skid steer tires - from $15 each - buy 1 or more            Sets of 4 matching used tires     Sets of 4 used tires on rims
All sizes of tires, mounted and inflated, ready        EVERY MACHINE SHOULD HAVE A SPARE ON SITE!                     Used                                ...or new
All sizes of tires, all classes of machines         Demolition         Recycling/Scrap Yard          Pavers/Hardscaping          Foundry/Industrial            Extreme Duty
No-flat tires
- on rims (always), sets of 4 only
- used; very expensive new!!!
- for all machine sizes
- solid rubber, aperture, foam-fill
Rims for tire sizes:  10x16.5   12x16.5   14x17.5   5.70x12   23x8.5-12   27x8.5-15   27x10.5-15   31.5x13-16.5   33x15.5-16.5   5-bolt   6-bolt   8-bolt   6" hub   9" hub
                                                 New discounted tracks (cancelled orders) in stock    Special order any new track- next day          Used tracks                Steel OTT for ssl
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